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Arshavin admits he never expected to score four goals in the same match

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10 years ago, Andrey Arshavin scored four goals to lead Arsenal to a 4-4 draw against Liverpool, but to him, it was just a normal match.

On April 21, 2009, Arsenal and Liverpool drew 4-4 on a game all fans remember.

Especially for the goal-scoring heroics of Andrey Arshavin who scored four goals at Anfield stadium.

“For me, it was a regular game – nothing special. I did not feel anything special before the game,” he told Sky Sports.

“When I came out onto the pitch and was warming up, I thought ‘we will not lose today’. That was the only thing I knew before the game.”

“Of course I could not imagine before that game that I would score four goals,” he added.

“If you look at the stats, it was my best game. But in terms of playing style, I had some other games that were much better.”

He commented: “It’s difficult to replace a guy (Arsene Wenger) who managed the team for more than 20 years.”

“Unai Emery is not in a good position I would say.”

“But I would say the first year was not bad. He is building the team and he needs time. I hope he does well,” he added.

“I think the realistic target is to be in the top four because Manchester City and Liverpool are very strong. They are contenders for the title.”