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Arter reveals truce with Keane

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Republic of Ireland midfielder Harry Arter has revealed how a phone call from Roy Keane resolved the issues between the pair.

The Cardiff City man recently returned to the international setup after a period of absence due to his fallout with Keane, who is the assistant head coach of the national team.

The 28-year-old started during Saturday’s sour stalemate with Denmark in the UEFA Nations League and his inclusion from the off was as sure a sign as any that the country needs him.

Arter’s first statement when he came to reflect on Saturday was that, “We did better than when we played them (Denmark) previously”

“I just felt that the best thing to do at the time was to stay away and not be part of the group,” said Arter, according to Daily Mail.

“There’s no point making out it was for any other reason (than Keane). What happened, I wasn’t happy about.”

“I’ve never not wanted to come away. I’ve never wanted to miss games through injury, that’s not in my make-up to do that.”

“But we’ve patched it up now. It was just a chat on the phone but it was a good conversation, obviously, because I came back. It was just, Can we put this to bed for the sake of the team more than anyone?”

“You don’t want to come away and feel uncomfortable within a group but I feel more than happy to come away now.”