Arteta explains how Guardiola works

The ex-Arsenal midfielder believes Pep is not only a tactical genius but also a “tireless worker.”

Ex-Arsenal midfielder Mikel Arteta has shared a little bit of insight into what kind of job Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola does.

“With Guardiola, it is a daily challenge,” he was quoted by Goal.

“He is super-efficient with himself, and those around him should always be seeking improvements.”

“The challenge is how to be better than the day before, than the previous game. He is a tireless worker,” he added.

“People say: ‘Pep is a genius’. And yes, it has a lot of validity. But if I had to define it, I would say, first, that it is a tireless ‘worker’.”

“Commit and give us all the responsibility that one wants to assume. He tells you: ‘Do what you want, as far as you can’,” Arteta continued.

“Share success and failure. And, in addition, he is very brave.”

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“His decisions are always focused on the attack. If there is any doubt, but the one who plays best forward. Love the attack,” he said.

“Rodri? he closely resembles what ‘Busi’ [Busquets] is,” said Arteta.

“Few people read the game alone, those who anticipate scenarios, who are mentally stable, who can be a coach in the field, in the case of Xabi Alonso or Xavi Hernández.”


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