Arturo Vidal convicted for nightclub attack

The Chilean footballer cracked a man in the head with a vodka bottle in 2017, according to German officials

Back in 2017, former Bayern Munich player Arturo Vidal was celebrating in Crown’s Club in Munich, when he got into a fight.

The Barcelona footballer grabbed a 3-liter bottle of vodka and smashed another clubgoer, opening a gash in the victim’s head and causing a traumatic brain injury, according to a report by TMZ.

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The Chilean was convicted for the crime and will be forced to pay $923,000 in fines.

Vidal was facing ten years in prison, but at the end will only have to pay to be free of his sins.

The Barcelona footballer was in Queretaro, Mexico, playing for Chile in the 1-0 victory of “La Roja” over “El Tricolor.”


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