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Arturo Vidal got his sweet revenge vs Real Madrid

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After scoring the fifth goal last Sunday against Real Madrid, Chilean midfielder Arturo Vidal got the sweet revenge he had been waiting for years.

Chilean midfielder Arturo Vidal has gone through hell almost every time he’s faced Real Madrid with every club he has, one could even argue that he signed for Barcelona because of the grudge he has against Los Blancos.

Some of Vidal’s critics could even say that what he feels against Real Madrid is pure hatred, mainly because most of the times he’s played against them in the Champions League, his side has gotten the shorter end of the stick and he has felt like Los Blancos has been helped by the referee.

When he played for Juventus, Vidal did experience what it felt to eliminate Real Madrid in the semifinals back in 2015.

But his personal hate towards Los Blancos didn’t start until his three seasons at Bayern München, a total of two eliminations by the hands of the Spanish giants in the 2016-2017 season and then during the 2017-2018 season.

The Chilean’s outbursts were legendary against Los Blancos, but they didn’t stop there because he was also very loud when Real Madrid defeated his former club Juventus in the quarterfinals last season and he was there to witness a penalty that never existed in his opinion.

When he was eliminated the first time playing for Bayern, Arturo Vidal spoke to the press about the two alleged offside goals and even said that Los Blancos wouldn’t have won anything if VAR existed back then in the Champions League.

“Two offside goals. Casemiro wasn’t sent off when he should’ve been off before me. When they steal a match this way it’s too big (to ignore). You notice it a lot. It was very ugly,” said Vidal according to Diario Sport.

“It makes you angry. They get so much wrong. The referee is the reason why we’re out of the Champions League, not Real Madrid.”

“This robbery can’t happen in the Champions League. It happens a lot and I’m beginning to have my doubts.”

The next season we could see Arturo Vidal supporting his former club Juventus in the Champions League quarter-finals against Los Blancos, but the penalty that Benatia committed took out the worst from the midfielder once again and vowed to get his revenge when he found out that Real Madrid was facing his Bayern in the semifinals.

Vidal wrote the following quote in a tweet: “Revenge is a dish best served cold. Come on!”

But the Chilean was disappointed again after Real Madrid win with another penalty and called them ‘rats’ in another one of his now famous social media outbursts.

Knowing about this history with the Spanish giants, one can easily understand how happy he was when he got to score the fifth goal against Real Madrid last Sunday during El Clasico.

This moment was as happy as it was liberating for him, because he was finally able to enjoy that frustrated revenge that he was talking about last season.

Now that he is playing in a club that can actually compete against Real Madrid every season, we have a feeling that last Sunday won’t be the only time when Arturo Vidal will have a chance to enjoy himself against Los Blancos.

We have a hunch that this is only the beginning of a very fruitful revenge story that will make every Madridista suffer, because Arturo Vidal is well known for becoming a very uncomfortable enemy for any squad that he wants to annoy.

It’s still unclear if Arturo will have another chance like the one he had last Sunday against Los Blancos, he will need to improve his game if he wants more moments like that one because the competition at Can Barça is very stiff these days with one of the most competitive midfields in modern European football.

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