Asensio rectifies his controversial Real Madrid statement 

VITORIA-GASTEIZ, SPAIN - OCTOBER 06: Marco Asensio of Real Madrid CF (L) being followed by Tomas Pina of Deportivo Alaves (R) during the La Liga match between Deportivo Alaves and Real Madrid CF at Estadio de Mendizorroza on October 6, 2018 in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. (Photo by Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images)

Young talent Marco Asensio, confessed that he didn’t like the way in which the press manipulated his latest statement about Real Madrid.

Last week during the international break with Spain, midfielder Marco Asensio, told the press that he didn’t like feeling the responsibility of leading the club and the pressure was too much for him sometimes.

He literally said that he didn’t want to carry the squad because there were more experienced players who had to do that, this statement was taken completely out of proportion according to the player who had a chance to rectify his words with an interview he just granted to Marca.

The player did blame the press for all the pressure he’s been feeling lately, which was something that also played against him on the last interview and something he doubled down on during this new exchange with the press.

Marco Asensio doesn’t want the fans thinking that he doesn’t want to feel an integral part of Real Madrid, he knows how important he can be for the squad and he doesn’t like the recent dip in form that he is going through this season.

But not being able to perform as he usually does, is in no way an indication that he doesn’t want to play for Real Madrid.

Many members of the press responded to the first interview in an unexpected manner for him, they felt there was a negative connotation between his words that made him look like he didn’t like feeling the same responsibility that any other Real Madrid player usually has to endure when he plays for the biggest club in the world.

Asensio is well aware of what he needs to do in order to succeed in a club of this magnitude, he also knows that there are many critics who want him to fail but he won’t entertain their wishes and he vowed to keep fighting to succeed with Los Blancos.

All Marco Asensio wants, is to become even more important than he already has and maybe even be the best player in the squad if that’s possible.

“I believe that my words were misinterpreted. In the end, the headline was the thing that everybody kept from that interview,” said Asensio to Marca.

“They all thought that I said that I didn’t want to carry the squad but I never said that. Of course I want to carry this team alongside my teammates, but my words were manipulated because they wanted to create a debate I guess, or I really don’t know why…”

“But I obviously want to carry this squad. All I meant to say is that I respect everybody’s role in the club, everybody’s status. But I will always try to give the best I can and I want to prove my self in Real Madrid during my third year in the squad by attempting to push the club forward.”

“I was surprised by the reaction from everybody because everything I said was misinterpreted. I always wanted to transmit that my intention is to always try to carry the team forward, to be important inside the club…”

“But I also respect everybody’s role on the team, Real Madrid is a club in which everybody needs to push forward and carry the squad together. What hurt me the most was maybe the stuff that was said about me lacking ambition.”

“Since I arrived in this club, ambition is everything I’ve shown and I’ve always fought to improve and I have given everything on the pitch. People doubting my commitment is something that surprised me quite a bit.”

“Although it may be true that only a few people were the ones who questioned me, it did hurt me. I know that the people who know me, are the ones who really know what I meant when I said what I said,” he concluded.

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