Ashley Cole: Chelsea lack fight

According to the former Chelsea star, the Blues don’t have what it takes to challenge for the title.

After losing tonight against Liverpool 2-0, Chelsea stays in the fourth place of the English Premier League with 66 points, with only 20 wins in 34 matches, six draws and eight defeats.

And according to former Chelsea full-back Ashley Cole, the Blues lack the fight for a title challenge.

“It is the best I’ve seen them play, collectively as a team. They created chances, they kept the ball well, and Jorginho played very well in the first half,” he told Sky Sports.

“But a club like Chelsea, it shouldn’t matter how good you’re playing, you’ve got to be winning games, and you can’t be losing games like this.”

“It’s definitely important for next season, they have to be finishing in the top four. It’s crazy to be talking about that, we should be talking about them fighting for the title,” he added.

“When I was there, I knew that with the squad and players I had, times like this come, but it’s how you bounce back. Chelsea has bounced back but I don’t think in a manner where you’re fighting for fourth and the fight is still not there for me.”

Aubameyang explains why he became a footballer

The Arsenal footballer says he admires his father the most when he was growing up, so he wanted to play the game he loved the most.

He commented: “I don’t want to think about it [Chelsea without Hazard]. He was brilliant today, the way he gets players involved in the game, and the chances he had, he was unlucky today.”

“They have to keep him. It is a must. I don’t see why he would want to leave, the club loves him and he loves the club, but whether it is to Real Madrid, another club he loves and with Zinedine Zidane, it could be difficult to keep him.”

“For me, I hope he stays, and I think he will stay,” Cole said.

“I think the fans are more pleased than before. You see the younger kids getting chances – I think they’re good enough to play – but whether Sarri stays at the end of the season, who knows because it is a tough job to be in.”


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