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Assistant of referee that ruled out Ronaldo’s goal gets dismissed

Cristiano Ronaldo, Serbia
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After failing to clear Ronaldo’s goal against Serbia, Mario Diks has been dropped from the Netherlands’ Euro 2020 officiating team.

Mario Diks has confirmed Danny Makkelie has dropped him from the Netherlands’ officiating team for this summer’s European Championship.

The assistant failed to signal to Makkelie before the referee ruled Cristiano Ronaldo’s match-winning goal out in a World Cup qualifier between Serbia and Portugal last month, which ended in a 2-2 draw.

Despite Stefan Mitrovic clearing Ronaldo’s effort, TV replays and images showed the ball had crossed the goal-line.

But as there was no goal-line technology, and Diks hadn’t signaled to him, Makkelie refused to allow Cristiano’s goal.

Now the Dutchman, who apologized to Portugal after the match, has dropped Diks from his team for this summer’s European Championship.

“This is a very, very big disappointment for me so close to the European Championship,” Diks told Omrop Fryslan.

“On Wednesday, March 31, I heard from Makkelie that he wants to continue with another assistant, because the confidence in our collaboration has gone.

“I was really hoping for more support, understanding and trust after the successful collaboration over the years.”

Jan de Vries has replaced Diks in the Netherlands’ officiating team.

Makkelie, though, has refused to confirm whether he dropped Diks due to the Ronaldo goal error.