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Aston Villa defender understands why fans jeered Villa

Tommy Elphick
Getty Images

Aston Villa defender Tommy Elphick insists he understands the jeers from the club’s supporters after their disappointing first half against Hull City.

The home team were booed off at half-time after falling two goals down but left the pitch at full-time to applause after coming back to earn a 2-2 draw.

“We understand the booing,” said Elphick, according to Express&Star.

“We’ve all been at the club long enough now to understand the frustration of where this club has been and where it wants to go.”

“Of course, it hurts. If it doesn’t there is something wrong. It was added motivation to try and turn it around in the second half.”

“We set a benchmark there in the second half and that’s what we have to take forward.”

He added: “We have to believe (we can still make the top six) with the talent we’ve got, with the coaching staff we’ve got in place.”

“The most important thing for me is the contrast in the two halves. Let’s take the second half and take that forward. If we do, then the wins are only around the corner.”

“Once we get that next win, hopefully we will get on a roll.”