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Aston Villa explains why they spent so much money on players

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According to Aston Villa’s chief executive, the team needed to spend £144.5 million on 12 players in order to stay competitive.

The recently promoted club Aston Villa announced a new shirt sponsorship deal with gaming company W88, in what was being described as a record-breaking commercial agreement. The English top-flight club spent £144.5 million on 12 players during the English Premier League summer transfer window.

And according to chief executive Christian Purslow, this was an obligation in order to stay competitive in the tournament.

“With or without promotion, Dean Smith and Jesus Garcia Pitarch came to Aston Villa with the certain knowledge we would be rebuilding our club this summer,” he explained to Sky Sports.

“It’s essentially 12 out, 12 in. £127m (before add-ons) is a huge amount, but it is about a year’s worth of television money.”

He said: “My board and I feel strongly that in the Premier League we have an obligation to be competitive, not to be promoted to the Premier League, spend no money, take some TV money, say thank you very much and go back down probably.”

“We feel like we’ve invested to try and make our great club competitive in the Premier League. At £10m a player, that does not feel like an enormous amount of money spent.”

“We bought a goalkeeper at 33, Tyrone Mings at 26, the rest of the 10 are all 24 and under. Young players we hope will establish themselves in the Premier League and in doing so, grow their value,” he commented.

“So far from being a liability, we are trying to invest in assets that grow their value, to protect the future financial health of our football club.”