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Atletico Madrid and Espanyol join Barcelona in cutting wages

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Atletico Madrid and Espanyol have reportedly joined Barcelona in announcing that they will reduce wages of players and staff due to the coronavirus crisis.

Atletico Madrid and Espanyol have joined Barcelona in announcing that their players and staff would take pay-cuts due to the financial implications of the coronavirus.

Clubs have been negatively affected with no income from ticket sales and other match-day revenue which has upset the finances of a number of clubs.

Barcelona were the first to officially announce theirs, taking the ERTE route legally after players refused to willingly negotiate a reduction.

The Guardian now report that Atletico Madrid and Espanyol have also joined with other Spanish clubs set to follow suit in the coming days.

As per the report, only Real Valladolid have announced that their players would not be getting a pay-cut amidst the ongoing crisis.

An open letter from Atletico’s majority shareholder and CEO, Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, insisted the club would be forced to seek cuts for those members of staff who have had to stop working or whose hours have been reduced significantly. With the aim of the decision to see the club maintains survival at all costs.

Prior to the suspension of the La Liga, Atletico found themselves in sixth place, one point behind fourth-placed Real Sociedad.