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Atletico Madrid humbles Real Madrid at pre-season friendly

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With a brutal 7-3 victory, Atletico Madrid humiliated Real Madrid in the first derby of the season. Costa and Felix were spectacular.

The official season hasn’t started and Real Madrid already got a humbling 7-3 defeat against Atletico Madrid on Friday.

The Colchoneros enjoyed an incredibly fruitful evening against a Los Blancos squad that is still very much under construction.

Perhaps the internal problems that are going on between the manager and the president are a sign of what’s happening, but Real Madrid is starting off the season on the wrong foot.

It’s not just a terrible result, Los Blancos are also suffering terribly luck with many players who are getting injured.

Marco Asensio suffered a nasty knee injury against Arsenal during the week, we can now add Luka Jovic suffering another apparently serious injury against Atletico today.

The game started with a Diego Costa goal, the Brazilian player started the pre-season today and his training really paid off with this performance.

The striker received an assist from Joao Felix, a kid who proved that all the fuzz about him was correct.

There are three players who offered incredible performance today for Atletico Madrid, we already mentioned the first two and Saul also played a fantastic game.

However, Felix was the most important player of this victory for the Colchoneros.

Immediately after the first goal, Felix himself scored the second after Saul recovered a ball from the very distracted Real Madrid defensive line.

Not even ten minutes were passed and Real Madrid was already losing 2-0, but this was only the beginning.

Angel Correa had to replace an injured Alvaro Morata, which was one of the few bad news that Atletico Madrid had this evening.

The Argentine forward came in to score his own goal early in the first half, he got it after an assist from Koke.

Diego Costa got to score the fourth after another ball was recovered by Saul, the Real Madrid defense kept proving they were incredibly distracted this evening.

Apart from the shameful defeat that was being handed to them, Real Madrid suffered a new blow right after the first half-hour of the game.

Striker Luka Jovic moved inside the box to strike a quick cross from the right and his leg got stuck on Jan Oblak’s behind, it appears he got seriously injured in his knee or ankle.

The Serbian player had to leave the pitch with a 4-0 defeat in the scoreboard. Diego Costa scored his hat-trick just before half time, he got it through a penalty shot after he was taken down inside the box.

The match was already 5-0 in Atletico Madrid’s favor, and the second half hadn’t even started yet.

After the break, Atletico maintained the same level of performance before making several modifications at the same time.

Joao Felix had a little more time to assist Diego Costa on his fourth goal with a beautiful pass between the lines, the striker dinked the ball over Keylor Navas’ head.

Zidane somehow thought that taking Courtois out of the match during half-time would help Real Madrid get back in the game.

This was already a disaster for Los Blancos, Nacho’s goal during the 60th minute of the match didn’t help his squad one bit.

Vitolo even scored a seventh goal not too long after that, not even Benzema and Javi Hernandez’s late goals helped the cause for Real Madrid.

This was one of the biggest defeats in the club’s history, regardless if it was a friendly match or not.

The image Real Madrid gave this evening was truly unexpected, they need to improve in several fronts and their injury count is beginning to turn alarming.

Jovic was out today but we can’t forget Mendy and Asensio also fell injured.

This is not a great day to be a Real Madrid fan, and it’s a perfect day to be an Atletico Madrid supporter.

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