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Atletico Madrid warn Barcelona of Griezmann ‘consequences’

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President Enrique Cerezo warned there will be “consequences” for Barcelona if Atletico Madrid discover a pre-contract agreement with Antoine Griezmann.

Despite announcing his Atletico departure in March, Griezmann’s planned move to Barcelona still hasn’t materialised. Naturally, this has led to doubts over whether the transfer will go ahead now.

Not helping matters is Neymar’s attempts to return to Camp Nou this summer. Should the Brazilian have his way, then the club may not need to sign Griezmann or simply may not fancy spending such a hefty amount on another player.

But latest reports in Spain have suggested Barcelona could announce Griezmann’s arrival next week after his buy-out clause plummeted from €200m to €120m on July 1.

Therefore, rumours have been going about claiming that Griezmann agreed to terms with Barcelona for a summer switch in March. At the time, his release clause was still at €200m which means the club deliberately held back on completing his transfer until this month.

But Cerezo fired a warning to Barcelona should he find a shred of proof over this.

“The truth is I don’t know but if it is as you say and he had already signed then there will be consequences,” said Cerezo, according to Daily Mail.

“It does not seem normal to me but I do not know if he has signed or not or if he is going to Barcelona or not. I suppose in a few days we will find out.”

Barcelona have kept their silence on this subject despite the growing rumours over their ploy to sign Griezmann on the cheap.

Atletico chief executive Miguel Angel Gil even suggested last month that a deal had been arranged in March.

“I know very well where Griezmann is going to play [next season], it’s been known since March that he is going to Barcelona,” said Gil.

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