Aubameyang says he was close to quitting football

The Arsenal striker says his story would have been different, but he’s glad he chose the right path to become one of football’s stars.

Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is one of the best footballers in England.

But before he could be a key piece for the Gunners and the Gabon national team, he was thinking about quitting football altogether.

“Back then [when he was a child growing up], we were moving around quite a lot, and I played youth football for Nice, Laval, and Rouen,” he was quoted by Goal.

“Sure, it was difficult to move around a lot, but now I can see that it’s been a massive benefit as it’s helped me settle into new environments very quickly.”

“I’d had some problems with my knees and I couldn’t run as fast as I had been able to, so I fell out of love with football for a bit,” he added.

“I didn’t have a club, I wasn’t at school, I was just at home trying to think positively.”

The footballer explained: “I don’t know why, but I thought that I had to train hard because you never know in life, something can happen.”

“Then after six months of hard work, my father called me and said, ‘Are you ready to go training with a team?’ and I said, ‘Yes of course!’ because I had worked for six months for that opportunity.”

Paul Pogba, Manchester United, Premier League

Moyes believes Pogba is still “the best midfielder”

Paul Pogba has been suffering at Manchester United lately, but according to former Red Devils coach David Moyes, the Frenchman is still one of the best.

“That was when I started to train with Bastia and from there, that was the start of my professional career,” he said.

“I’d always admired Arsenal because of the big history and players like Thierry Henry.”

He concluded: “He was always an example for strikers and because I am also fast and score goals, I always looked up to him.”


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