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Aubameyang urges Arsenal teammates to step up their game

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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has expressed his disappointment at his team’s performance.

Arsenal can’t seem to get hold of the reason behind their poor performances. Manager Unai Emery, who recently got the club’s assurances, is unable to steer the Gunners in the right direction.

Alexander Lacazette scored very late against Southampton to avoid losing all three points. Meanwhile, Arsenal captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang asked his teammates to step up their game.

Aubameyang stated that he himself will try to reflect on his shortcomings. As per Football365, the skipper also acknowledged the disappointment of the Arsenal fans.

“Everybody is disappointed today, the fans and the players,” he said.

“It didn’t work today. It’s not a good result for us. Obviously, we’re playing at home and we have to win games at home.

“We have to keep fighting and keep trying to sort it out. I think everybody has to try to ask themselves what they can change, what they can give more of,” Aubameyang demanded.

“Everybody has to do this, me first. I will try to work hard and to get back to winning ways.”

“I don’t know but obviously everyone is disappointed, the fans and us as well.

“When we are playing, we are the first to be disappointed when it doesn’t work. We will try to keep fighting. I think we have the quality to come back and we have to fight,” the Arsenal striker assured.