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Aurelio De Laurentiis urges more reconstruction work on the Stadio San Paolo

US Sassuolo Calcio v SSC Napoli - Serie A
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Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis says he wants to bring Stadio San Paolo to a European level in the following years.

De Laurentiis feels ashamed to welcome big European teams to the San Paolo stadium, which is the same as in the era of Diego Armando Maradona.

He said the planned work to fix the bathrooms, dressing rooms and some of the seats represents only the start of the reconstruction of Napoli’s stadium.

“We want to bring the San Paolo to a European level, seeing as we’ve been protagonists on the continent for nine years and should no longer be ashamed to welcome teams to this arena,” De Laurentiis said via Football Italia.

“The San Paolo in the era of Diego Maradona is exactly the same as it is now. We noticed the difference with other stadiums starting from the very tough Margaret Thatcher laws against hooligans in England in the 1980s.

“When we go to the Emirates, as we will to face Arsenal in the Europa League quarter-finals on April 11, we see they spent £350m to build over 3km between stadium, offices and stores.

“The day I first arrived at Napoli, I wanted to change the San Paolo with the architect who designed the Hotel Gallia in Milan. I wanted two 1km high skyscrapers, but the Mayor at the time called me crazy.

“Why should I be crazy? I could build a skyscraper in so many places around Naples and it’d be talked about all over the world. People are tired of hearing about Naples only with regards to guns, Mafia and Gomorrah.” he concluded.

We’ve already seen Tottenham Hotspur rebuild their White Hart Lane stadium, as they are preparing for the big opening against Crystal Palace on Wednesday night.

And if we have to be honest, Napoli have become regulars in the Champions League and the players deserve better facilities from what they have at the moment.