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Ayite is working for first-team football

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The French forward was a regular player at Fulham FC but then his time at the first-team was cut after being promoted to the Premier League

French attacker Floyd Ayite joined Fulham FC in 2016 after two years with SC Bastia.

He was a regular on the first team and got promoted this year from the English Championship to the Premier League.

But now, he has been on the sidelines for too long.

“I can’t blame the fact I’m playing less on a player arriving. It’s not appropriate,” he told Sport Witness.

“It’s a different level, a different league, players arrive, others leave, the manager makes his choices. I’m a part of the squad, I work while waiting for my chance.”

“If I want to be on the pitch, I need to be better than the ones already on it, knowing the manager makes his choices based on how he wants to play against the next team and that we some fit his philosophy more than others,” he added.

“We’re not playing badly, but we’re lacking that little bit of luck that we need to go find and to do that, we can’t give up, we need to fight.”

“We’re on the right path, it’ll change,” he concluded.