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Bale’s situation is “wasting” everyone’s time

Bale, madrid
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Former Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon describes the time currently being wasted in Gareth Bale’s career as a sad situation.

Gareth Bale’s current situation at Real Madrid cannot end well for anyone. 

The player is not playing and painted to be a poor character by the club. The club is paying out a huge weekly wage to someone who is contributing little or nothing to the cause.

Bale is the most expensive player that Los Blancos has ever signed. He is also one of their top earners. However, be it through injury or any other kind of unavailability the Welsh winger has missed over 50% of the games he could have played for the club.

There has been talk of moves and offers and collapsed transfers. No matter what has happened the circumstance at the moment sees a club claiming the player doesn’t want to be involved and player stating he is happy to see out the remaining two years of his contract.

No matter who is telling the truth and who gets what they want in the end, former Madrid president Ramon Calderon describes the situation as sad and a waste of everyone’s time.

 Speaking to the BBC Sport, he said:

“It wouldn’t surprise me if they let him go on loan and paid part of the salary.”

“It’s very sad. It’s a pity to see a player like him in the stands.” 

“I think his skill and talent has not gone, he is still a good player who could be playing at a high level in any team in the world.”

“Therefore I think they will have to find a solution to end this agony for the sake of both sides.”

“If he doesn’t want to reduce his salary, which would be understandable, they will have to find another way to finish this situation.”

“The coach does not rely on him, if Zidane stays with Real, which I think is certain, then Bale will have to find a new way.”

“The problem is he has two more years’ contract. It’s sad to see him wasting his time because he is still for sure fit and in good shape.”

The big question is, if not Madird then where for Gareth Bale?