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Balotelli happy to return to his hometown club Brescia

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Balotelli has signed a multi-year contract with his hometown club Brescia in the Italian Lega Serie A. He says he’s truly happy to return.

Italian striker Mario Balotelli is back to his hometown as he signed a multi-year contract with Brescia in the Lega Serie A.

And the 29-year-old couldn’t be happier.

“I am truly, truly happy,” he said according to Football Italia.

“There were negotiations with my agent, he told me about it and I was immediately enthusiastic about the idea. I had already told him, absolutely go ahead.”

“This was a choice made from the heart. My mother was crying with happiness to see her son play in the jersey of the hometown club of her husband, but also just to have me back home and close by after all these years,” he added.

“I’ve always received affection from the people in Brescia, but over the last few days, it’s been extraordinary. I thank them for that.”

“I am fired up because I want to play. I think I proved over the last few years in France what I can do and being here in Brescia gives me an extra boost,” he commented.

“I scored a lot of goals in France and it was unlucky that I got this four-match ban, but I’ll use it as a positive, giving me the chance to catch up on tactics and fitness training. I know Brescia has a good team and I hope they’ll make me even better.”

He sais what type of leader he is: “There are many types of leaders, those who talk, who set the example or who score goals. As you mature, you have more of an influence, especially on the younger players. I think I’ve been a leader in one way or another from Nice onwards.”

“Perhaps if the media bothered to ask my teammates in the dressing room what I am like in there and not assume, they’d find nobody hates me.”