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Balotelli pays man to dive into the sea

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In the world of Mario Balotelli, nothing is out of place and the Italian striker paid a man decent cash to throw his moped into the sea.

Mario Balotelli is currently without a club after choosing not to extend his stay at Olympique de Marseille. While many clubs are linked with the controversial striker, it appears that Balotelli isn’t too worried about what his future holds for him.

Reportedly, Balotelli made news for all the wrong reasons after it transpired that he paid the owner of a local bar around 2000 Euros to take off his clothes and drive a moped into the sea. According to Italian Sports Press, the former Manchester City striker is facing charges related to criminal solicitation and gambling.

Police are investigating the case and the bar owner is also facing charges since the actions were in violation of Consolidated Environmental Law.

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Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini could not see the funny side of it and strongly condemned Balotelli for his actions. He even went as far as saying that he would have had the player arrested and put behind bars.

“I would have arrested him. What image of Italy are we giving to the world if in our cities a rich and spoiled players comes and asks the first person he meets that I’ll give you 2000 Euros if you throw the scooter in the sea? This really is too much!,” he said.

And while the incident has caused a lot of outrage, the local bar owner says that his moped cost only a fraction of the money he made from the bet.

The incident happened in the seaside town of Mergellina which is located in the western side of Naples. Balotelli has already been linked with mafia in Napoli in the past so such an incident should come as no surprise.