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Balotelli sends out stern response to Chiellini’s recent criticism

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Brescia forward Mario Balotelli has sent out a strong response hitting back at recent criticism from Juventus’ Giorgio Chiellini.

Balotelli has wasted no time in sending out a response to some harsh statements from Chiellini.

In our earlier report, we covered some controversial statements made by the Juventus captain, as he plans to launch his auto-biography next week.

In revealing some of the info in his book, Chiellini spoke on his hate for Inter and how Balotelli didn’t show respect for the Azzurri squad in the Confederations Cup.

In what isn’t a surprise, the Brescia forward hasn’t taken those comments likely and has hit back at his former international team-mate, saying Chiellini isn’t a real man.

Image via Balotelli’s Instagram account

“At least I have the honesty and courage to say things to people’s faces,” replied Balotelli in an Instagram Story.

“You had so many opportunities to do that since 2013, to behave like a real man, but you didn’t do it. Who knows what you’ll say one day about your current teammates, you strange captain. Balotelli added.

“If this means being a champion, then I prefer not to be one. And I never showed a lack of respect towards the Azzurri jersey.”

Another player in Felipe Melo, who saw criticism from Chiellini has also hit back as well, calling the Juventus captain a coward and a dishonest man.