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Balotelli still out of Italian squad amidst racism issues

Mario Balotelli, Brescia, Serie A
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Mario Balotelli caused a lot of upset recently when he kicked the ball into stands after receiving racial abuse from the opposing fans.

The latest outburst saw Balotelli publicly campaign against racism.

This received a lot of positive feedback. Super Mario scored two goals for the struggling Brescia this season.

Italian national team manager, Roberto Mancini, addressed the reasons behind skipping Mario Balotelli in the latest Italian squad list.

“Mario is a player I have affection for because I played him when he was a kid, he still is in a good age to do a lot of things,” he said, according to Sky Sports.

For me it’s important that if he does earn a recall, it’s because he is performing well and he can be useful to the team.

“Then, it’s clear that in moments like that [the racism incident], people like the President [of the Italian FA] can think that he can get a call-up because… [they want to send a message], but you have to understand the real reasons behind it.”

Mancini concluded by condemning racism.

“We’re almost in 2020, and we still argue about skin colour.”