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Balotelli wonders “am I a ghost?”

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Mario Balotelli denies he has missed the Brescia training session insisting he must be a ghost that nobody saw him there.

Italian striker Mario Balotelli is never far away from an absurd headline. His future at Brescia is all but over yet he still apparently causes problems. 

The former Manchester City striker insists he has not missed practice with Brescia. In fact, he wants to know how with all the cameras and journalists present watching the sessions, nobody has got a picture of him at work.

Balotelli insists someone must have caught a glimpse of him at the two sessions a day he attends.

According to Goal, he believes he must be a ghost if there is no evidence to defend his case.

He said:

“How can you write that I am not training on the pitch?”

“There are journalists at the center at all my sessions, obviously with their TV cameras!”

“I attend two training sessions a day, almost every day! How can you deny the evidence?”

“ I didn’t think I was a phantom, invisible to the cameras.” 

With yet another fantastic story involving the troublesome star whose side face relegation. The question is where will he end up this summer?