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Racist perpetrators get 10-year stadium ban

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Hellas Verona ultras get a ten year ban from entering the stadium after the racism incident

Racism is one of the ugliest side of football. Although various measures are initiated to avoid racist chants, there are still instances of such mindless chants from some fans. Many clubs are now taking severe actions against racism offenders. One such club is Hellas Verona.

During the match against Hellas Verona, Mario Balotelli suffered what most footballers like to avoid. The Italian international was stunned at the reaction from fans. Balotelli then vented his frustration by kicking the ball in the stands. As he prepared to walk off the pitch, his teammates calmed him down. Moreover, the referee stopped the play. Then the announcer read an anti-racism message.

Hellas Verona showed that they do not take racism lightly. The Italian club has suspended the ultras who abused Balotelli. The club released a statement detailing their take against the ultras leader.

“Hellas Verona FC announce that it has taken action to ban Mr. Luca Castellini from its games until June 2030,” read a statement.

“It is considered proportional to the seriousness of the situation, in light of the rules laid out in articles 6 and 7 of the Code of Behaviour, as his considerations and comments were utterly contrary to the ethical principles and values of this club.”