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Barca champions of the money league for the first time

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Barcelona is top of the Deloitte Football Money League for the first time ever overtaking arch-rivals Real Madrid.

Every year accounting firm Deloitte produces a league of the richest football clubs in the world.

The league is based on the clubs income. It is largely dominated by Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United.

Real have been kings more than most, with United taking the crown from time to time.

However, Barcelona has never sat at the top of the league before. That was until the latest league standings were revealed.

Barcelona was top with over 840 million Euros in revenue. While second-place Real was a whopping 80 plus million Euros behind them with 757 million Euros.

Third place was the Premier Leagues Manchester United with almost 712 million Euros.

This was the biggest gap ever recorded between the top three according to Deloitte.

It appears that the lack of Champions League football and the dismal performances on the pitch, in general, are having a detrimental effect on the Red Devils.

Their domestic rivals have surpassed then on the football field and are now closer than ever on a monetary scale.

Bayern Munich was fourth, PSG fifth, Manchester City sixth and Liverpool seventh.