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Barca fans hoping Varane piss-take doesn’t backfire

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Barcelona took to social media airing Gerrard Pique’s skills only hours after Raphael Varane’s catastrophic mistake cost Real Madrid.

There is never any love lost between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Likewise, there is apparently never a missed opportunity to take a dig at each other either.

Real defender Raphael Varane had a nightmare game, and his performance and errors were widely attributed to the team’s downfall against Manchester City.

Madrid outshone Barcelona in La Liga this season and the Catalonian’s future in this season Champions League still hangs in the balance. There was still time to have a little fun at the expense of their bitter rivals.

It wasn’t a full-on piss-take, but it was definitely a sly dig, as far as the world wide web is concerned.

As much as the Barcelona fans were probably glad to see Los Blancos lose, they are just hoping that their own team can get the job done.

They were definitely amused though!

The stats are definelty comparable betwen the two. I wonder how they would fare against the GOAT?