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Barcelona assistant coach feeling ‘deprived’ in quarantine

Eder Sarabia, FC Barcelona
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Eder Sarabia has admitted that the recent coronavirus crisis is having a negative effect on his mental well-being.

FC Barcelona assistant coach Eder Sarabia suggests the self-isolation period is already starting to take a toll on him.

The Spanish citizens, like the majority of nations right now, are not allowed to gather in public places or step outside their houses due to the widespread of coronavirus.

With over 500 new counts, Spain recorded the highest spike on Tuesday bringing the overall death toll rising to 2696.

The Prime Minister also recently announced that the lockdown could be extended well beyond April 11 while also escalating the measures to keep people in their homes.

Speaking about the current scenario, Sarabia says he feels deprived of doing things that make him happy.

“For the good part of society, it only means a change of plans and staying at home, confined. Only being able to go out to take the bins out, go to the shops or taking the dog for a walk,” he told Barcelona’s official website.

“This situation is depriving me of doing almost everything that makes me happy.

“But I’ve decided to confront it with humor, joy and a positive attitude. Because I know I know have the chance to tend to other things that are also very important and that I don’t decide the time they deserve in my daily routine.”