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Barcelona could try the “Mbappe formula” to sign Neymar

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According to Diario Sport, FC Barcelona will try a loan with Neymar as PSG did it with Kylian Mbappe when they signed him from AS Monaco.

The situation between Neymar and PSG is getting more difficult, FC Barcelona is going to try a new strategy that they call “The Mbappe formula”.

To those who don’t remember how things went down back in 2017, the French giants couldn’t sign both Neymar and Kylian Mbappe on the same summer due to the Financial Fair Play rules imposed by FIFA.

Knowing about the dangers of violating this rulebook, PSG made the decision to pay the €222 million for Neymar’s transfer and go on a different route with Kylian Mbappe’s situation.

The youngster was the most coveted young player at the time, it was clear that AS Monaco would justifiably overprice him.

The final amount they agreed upon was €180 million for the youngster, but those restrictions practically forced PSG to negotiate for a loan deal.

The plan was to get the player on a loan for a year, and then pay the money on the next summer.

This is the exact plan that FC Barcelona would like to reproduce as a last effort to sign Neymar, but PSG doesn’t appear too keen on the idea because they still believe the Brazilian can remain at the club.

After knowing about this proposal, Nasser Al-Khelaifi and Leonardo decided to create a plan that would veer the Catalan club from their attempts to sign Neymar.

PSG’s counter-strategy.

After realizing that FC Barcelona won’t give up that easy, PSG has decided to band together and begin a campaign to keep Neymar.

Everybody from the players, to the sporting director, and even the fans have come together to speak up asking for Neymar to stay.

This tactic came out right after the information about Barcelona’s new formula became public.

Since we all know that the journals from Catalonia are basically part of FC Barcelona, it’s not weird to see how they keep pushing the narrative.

However, the first information that came forward about Neymar’s desire to leave was from the media outlets in France.

Le Parisien and L’Equipe have been talking about this possibility for months, but Mundo Deportivo and Diario Sport are the ones that have twisted the situation in Barcelona’s favor.

It’s clear that the Catalan club is desperate for the Brazilian’s return, they don’t think they will be competitive in the Champions League if Neymar doesn’t return.

The time he lived in Barcelona was arguably the best of his career, something that both the player and the club are longing for.

But now that he is living in France, his current club will do everything in its power to make him remain where he is.

Kylian Mbappe’s involvement in Neymar’s exit.

Apart from considering him a good example of how to act with Neymar’s transfer, Kylian Mbappe is also a major component that influences his desire to either stay or leave.

The French youngster has exploded into a major figure within the world of football, it took him two years to be considered one of the world’s best players and he overshadowed Neymar last season.

The Brazilian’s intention was to become the leader of his new club, but Mbappe has taken that away from him without realizing it.

This obviously didn’t sit well with Neymar at first, but the club wants both players to coexist in the same place.

This is the reason the French giants have requested Kylian to speak up about his teammate.

Ahead of PSG’s Supercup match against Rennes, Mbappe was asked about Neymar’s possible exit and the French youngster responded by stating he doesn’t want him to leave.

“No, I don’t want Neymar to leave,” said Kylian before the match.

“I respect him and I admire him too much. We have a very good relationship. We all know about Neymar’s situation, but I’m not the ideal person to talk about this.”

Why do you think PSG wants to keep Neymar when the player clearly wants to leave? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.