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Barcelona didn’t have enough cash to buy Rodrigo

Rodrigo Moreno
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Valencia president Anil Murthy insists his club did not receive a suitable real cash offer for Rodrigo Moreno and that’s why he stayed.

It was no secret that Barcelona tried to sign Rodrigo Moreno from Valencia during the winter transfer window. However, what is unclear until now is why the deal never materialized.

Valencia president Anil Murthy acknowledges the fact that his club are a selling club. But while they have to sell, the deal has to meet what they feel are suitable demands.

In an interview with Batzine, he is quite blunt in that the offers they received did not involve the amount of cash the or payment arrangement they deemed suitable.

He said:

“For Rodrigo, Valencia did not receive a suitable offer that reflected the high quality of the player.”

“Everyone in the market knows what Valencia was asking for.”

“If you can offer with real cash, then great. If you can’t guarantee an exact kind of payment, then we can’t go through with it.”

Murthy insists either put up or shut up.

He added”

“We’ll not entertain offers which are not backed by money, because it also destabilizes the player.”

“In the end, if the offer is very good, then you have to accept because as a responsible club before you buy you must sell.”

“You’ve got to manage your finances. For Rodrigo, it’s normal – last time was Atletico, now was Barca.”

Barca tried to conjure up all kinds of deals to make this one happen. The bottom line is they didn’t have the money.