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Barcelona now include ‘anti-Pique’ clause in contracts

Gerard Pique, FC Barcelona
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Gerrard Pique’s off-field activities have forced Barcelona to add a new ‘anti-Pique’ clause in their contracts.

As of late, Gerrard Pique has been more involved in the business end of things causing concerns for Barcelona.

The defender recently oversaw the organization and updation of tennis’s Davis Cup. Moreover, he also became a major stakeholder of Andorra FC.

Pique’s off-field activities have caused problems for Barcelona as he missed out on training after the Spanish Super Cup in 2018 after assuring the then manager Ernesto Valverde that he would only skip a day.

But Pique denied any such claims insisting that he had already talked to the manager and they stood on the same page.

“I spoke to the manager about the situation,” Pique said.

“It was a friendly chat, and he asked me about my plans for the week. My relationship with the manager is phenomenal, and my relationship with the club is fine.

“The rumors of problems come from outside of the club.”

Nevertheless, Barcelona have started taking measures to avoid occurrences such situations in the future.

According to ABC, the Catalans now include an ‘anti-Pique’ clause into their new contracts. The clause basically restricts players from getting involved in activities that affect their on-field duties.