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Barcelona taunt Juventus with ‘GOAT’ message ahead of showdown

Barcelona, Juventus
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Barcelona fanned the flames for war by sending a cheeky ‘GOAT’ message to Juventus ahead of their big showdown.

Juventus and Barcelona is the biggest Champions League match on Wednesday and one every fan was looking forward to -at least 24 hours ago anyway.

That’s right, Cristiano Ronaldo won’t be around to square off against his long-time foe Lionel Messi. No CR7 has pretty much taken away all the suspense, with some fans feeling the game has lost it’s edge.

Now, if that wasn’t bad enough already, Barcelona have now taunted Juventus by telling them that they’ll be facing the ‘GOAT’ Messi tonight.

Check out the messages and responses between the clubs below.