Barcelona’s appeal of Neymar ban rejected by the RFEF

The Catalans had their bid for a reduction of Neymar’s ban rejected, however, the club will take the issue to TAD today to get him cleared

Written by Christian Møller Poulsen. April 21, 2017

The RFEF appeal committee has decided to turn down Barcelona’s bid for a reduction of Neymar’s suspension, which he received when he was sent off against Malaga.

The Brazilian was given a three-day match ban, one game for the red card, and an additional two games as he sarcastically applauded the fourth referee when he walked out of the field.

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The appeal committee met in Madrid Thursday night, where it was decided that they would reject the ban.

However, Barcelona is not stepping down as they intend to take things a bit further as they are going to ask the Tribunal for Arbitration for Sport (TAD) in Spain, which is the highest court of justice for sport in Spain.

If the TAD decides to agree with Barcelona, then Neymar would be able to play in el Clásico this Sunday in Madrid.


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