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Bareman, proud of what’s happening in women’s football

DOBRICH, BULGARIA - MAY 14: Jule Brand of Germany battles for the ball with Alicia Correia of Portugal during the 2019 UEFA Women's Under-17 EURO semi-final match between Germany and Portugal at Stadion Drujba on May 14, 2019 in Dobrich near Varna, Bulgaria. (Photo by Nikolay Doychinov/Getty Images)
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The FIFA’s chief women’s football officer believes a lot is being done to get the fans involved in this genre of the sport.

FIFA’s chief women’s football officer, Sarai Bareman, cannot believe what it’s done for the sport as she says she’s proud of what’s happening for the ladies.

“I love waking up in the morning and scrolling through my Twitter feed and seeing all this amazing stuff that’s happening in the women’s game at the moment and especially building up to the Women’s World Cup this summer,” she said to the FIFA official website.

“It’s really creating such positive momentum and a positive vibe behind the women’s game, it’s awesome to see.”

She explained: “It was interesting for me to see a little bit of the commentary that kind of came along with that announcement, I know a lot of people kind of thought that it was a last-minute decision coming from FIFA, but I can confirm that that was absolutely not the case at all.”

“We need to make sure that these things are done well when they’re introduced and the spotlight is on women’s football this summer in France.”

“If you compare – and I don’t like to compare, to be honest, the men’s and women’s game – but when we look at where the men’s game is in terms of commercialization, I mean it’s almost fully saturated now,” she said.

“And then you see how far the women’s game is away from getting there, it presents the opportunities that exist. And there’s no better time to take advantage of those opportunities in the summer at the Women’s World Cup.”