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Barkley says he will still take Chelsea’s penalties, even after he failed to score yesterday

Ross Barkley, Chelsea, UEFA Champions League
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Ross Barkley missed an opportunity to scored in yesterday’s UEFA Champions League fixture but he says he will still take a chance scoring from the penalty kick spot.

In yesterday’s UEFA Champions League fixture, Chelsea was defeated 1-0 by Valencia.

And during the match Blues’ player Ross Barkley had a chance to score from the penalty kick spot, but he failed to do so.

“We’ve got a lot of good penalty-takers in the squad,” said Barkley to Football 365.

“On a sheet in the changing room, it says I’m on penalties when I’m on the pitch, otherwise it’s Jorginho.”

He added: “All players feel confident of taking penalties, but we can all miss them.”

“It’s more ‘good luck with the penalty’ type of thing, encouraging me. They would have been willing to take it as well, but I felt confident.”

“They were just encouraging me, encouraging me to score the goal. They are confident of taking penalties as well, but I take penalties every day. I don’t miss them in training and in pre-season, I was scoring penalties. I’ve missed penalties before when I was at Everton,” he commented.

“I’m gutted I missed, but these things happen.”

“If there was another penalty in the game, I would have been confident of taking it. You can miss penalties. It’s not the end of the world,” he added.

“We’ve got five more group stage games to go that we’re aiming to win. The Valencia game just didn’t go our way, it’s disappointing really.”