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Barnett denies Gareth Bale is leaving Real Madrid on loan

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In a new attempt to keep his player at Real Madrid, Jonathan Barnett spoke out about Los Blancos’ attempts to loan Gareth Bale this summer.

The situation between Zinedine Zidane and Gareth Bale is taking a whole new meaning, the French manager wants the player out but it won’t be that easy.

Agent Jonathan Barnett keeps sending signals of his player not wanting to leave the club unless it’s for a lot of money.

There have been recent reports of Bayern Munich asking for his loan in a deal similar to the one James Rodriguez got two seasons ago.

However, the Welsh player sees no reason for him to leave his perfect life in the city of Madrid and he only believes that moving back to England could be a good option for him.

Manchester United has been the only real place that Bale has considered as his new club so far, but he is not convinced because he wouldn’t play the Champions League next season.

However, there could be a chance for him to accept an offer from the Red Devils if they put fat-enough check on the table.

The most compelling player for Manchester United was Gareth Bale for many years, but not even Barnett knows if this possible transfer will happen as the Red Devils got discouraged by his recent performances.

Gareth Bale had a dramatic level drop this season, he didn’t live up to the expectations surrounding him after Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid.

Bale keeps playing golf while his future is getting sorted out.

It’s almost as if he didn’t even care about football, Gareth Bale has been looking at the developments of his situation from far away.

We all know about his obsession for golf, but Bale has taken this hobby to the extreme.

There is a large portion of Real Madrid fans who really hate that Gareth Bale doesn’t pay attention to what’s happening at his club.

On the very same day that Eden Hazard was being presented, Bale posted several tweets about his golfing days during his vacations.

Instead of talking about a welcome for his new teammate, the Welsh player completely ignored Hazard and fed the rumor mill about his exit even more.

Barnett just gave this story a whole new turn by saying: “There are more chances of me winning Ascot than Bale going out on a loan,” said Barnett to Sky Sports.

“That will not happen. It’s true, Zidane has decided that he doesn’t want Bale on his team. It is obvious that Gareth’s situation hasn’t improved.”

“He doesn’t want to leave on a loan. He has a lovely life and a home in Spain. I believe that something exceptional should happen in order for him to leave and loans are simply not on the menu.”

“He could fit in Manchester United. I really think he could do a great job there, he is still one of the best players in the world. But him playing for the Red Devils is highly unlikely.”

Everything will get sorted when they come back from vacations.

Gareth Bale and his situation will reach a new development when the player returns from his vacation, which will be on July 8.

The Welshman will enjoy two more weeks away from all the stress and he will return in time to sort out his situation.

There is still no clue to where he is playing next, all we know is that Zidane definitely doesn’t want him in the squad anymore.

The French manager considers Gareth Bale to be a negative influence in the dressing room, he doesn’t have a good relationship with most of the players.

There is also the matter of the fans being tired of Gareth Bale’s attitude, which has only gotten worse over the last few months.

Real Madrid fans love a player who is constantly committed to the club regardless of his personal situation, but Gareth Bale is doing the exact opposite.

Even if the player doesn’t want to leave on a loan, it really isn’t his decision to make because Los Blancos literally own him and his contract.

Perhaps a loan is more possible than agent Jonathan Barnett considers, Gareth Bale has no choice but to accept what the club wants to do with him during the summer transfer window.

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