Bartomeu finally denies Barcelona is after Neymar

During an interview with Cadena Cope, president Josep Maria Bartomeu confirmed that Neymar and his father haven’t approached him.

In order to clear the air about the rumours of Neymar going back to Barcelona, president Josep Maria Bartomeu had to come out and offer an interview in which he spoke about several topics but that was the most discussed after the exchange took place.

There have been several reports from the media all over Europe about the player wishing he never left FC Barcelona, apparently, he feels like he made a terrible mistake and has been calling the club in order to find a possible solution to the problem.

Now that he is injured again after a PSG match, Neymar was spotted in Barcelona where he reportedly visited his teammates after they eliminated Sevilla in Copa del Rey and told them how much he repents from leaving them.

Everybody knows that Neymar would’ve ensured FC Barcelona winning several more trophies if he hadn’t left the club, but he was convinced that playing for PSG was the best option for him and now he seems to be paying the consequences of his actions.

There has been a lot of movement on the player’s behalf behind closed doors, the reports from the press are clearly coming from his circle of trust because they see that the player is getting frustrated.

Neymar celebrated his birthday last Monday night alongside many of his teammates, family, and even former teammates from the Catalan club.

The player is still recovering from his injury and was seen in a wheelchair at times while he was celebrating with everybody, but there was a touching moment in the celebrations when Neymar took the microphone and spoke about how he feels right now that he has fallen injured again.

With tears in his eyes, the player confirmed that he is not going through the best moment of his career and he even wished for a new metatarsal bone so he can play football without having to worry about his right foot.

“What I wanted the most as a birthday present today is a new metatarsal so I could be on the field fighting and doing what I love the most, which is playing soccer,” said Neymar during his party.

“They are giving me all the strength possible to help me return as soon as possible.”

But this melodramatic speech has a much deeper meaning than just the injuries he’s suffered, it’s evident that Neymar’s real wish is to go back in time and return things back to the way they were when he still played for Barcelona.


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Despite all the rumours of the player urging his former club to take him back, president Josep Maria Bartomeu confirmed that they haven’t made any contact with either Neymar or his father but he didn’t close the doors of the club completely for the Brazilian.

“I actually haven’t congratulated him,” said the president on Cadena Cope.

“I’ve never spoken to his father, they have never called me to come back, neither his father nor the player has ever told me ‘I want to go back to Barça’.”

“The club made its decisions, we signed Coutinho and Dembele and with what we got from Neymar we signed two very young players with whom we are happy at the moment.”

“Neymar is a very skilled player, he is out of this world and he has won titles in France already. PSG are the ones who made the decision to sign him and we didn’t want to let him go.”

“There was a payment the club received for €222 million for Neymar, I never imagined a club would pay that kind of money for anyone.”

“That money served us to go to the market and no club would make things easy for us because they knew we had it.”

“The market value is a little bit high right now. With everything we are planning for next season, Neymar is not in the plans.”

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