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Bartomeu wants FIFA to sanction state-controlled clubs

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FC Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu, fired against the clubs that are controlled by entire countries and urge FIFA to sanction them.

FIFA has been trying to regulate state-controlled clubs for years without any significant success, president Josep Maria Bartomeu urges immediate action.

The FC Barcelona chairman recently appeared in a public event that hosted the Ernest Lluch Foundation, he was questioned about the most powerful clubs in the world.

There are two specific squads that have taken over the transfer market over the last decade and affected other clubs that are controlled by fans such as Barcelona.

These clubs are Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City, clubs that are managed by sheiks from Qatar and handle oil money.

These institutions took control of the transfer market and made clubs like Barcelona or Real Madrid struggle when they look for new players.

There is a very specific situation going on right now that involves the French giants and the Catalan club, which is the Matthijs de Ligt possible transfer.

The Dutch player was already determined to seal the deal with FC Barcelona but PSG nosed in with an even bigger offer.

We still don’t know what the young player will decide, but this development in the negotiation could force Barcelona to offer more money for the player.

The clubs that aren’t playing fair.

Another great example of this was everything that happened with Neymar back in 2017, when PSG bought the Brazilian player by paying his release clause of €222 million.

Initially, the Catalan club decided to set this clause because they didn’t think any club would be crazy enough to pay that much money.

But they didn’t count on Paris Saint-Germain’s oil money, the French club didn’t hesitate to pay for Neymar.

This historic transfer deal completely changed the market and hurt many of the clubs that can’t really compete with these state-controlled clubs.

There only so much that clubs such as Barcelona or Real Madrid can take, they have a right to speak up against these other institutions that don’t really care about spending money that comes directly from governments.

Josep Maria Bartomeu explained in detail what both FIFA and UEFA must do in order to prevent these clubs to keen getting away with everything they do.

These clubs should be constantly checked for any irregularities with their finances, there is no other way to look at this situation.

“The state-controlled clubs have interests that go beyond the sport itself. UEFA and FIFA need to demand that they follow the established rules,” said Bartomeu via Diario AS.

“It’s not fair that these clubs use money from outside of football. Equality between clubs must be guaranteed, they must follow the Financial Fair Play rules like everybody else and impose exemplary sanctions if they don’t.”

“Barcelona’s over 144.000 partners deposit their trust in the board of directors. We have to regard the balance between the club’s heritage and it’s economic power as one of the biggest challenges that Barcelona has as a club.”

“Every single football club has its own interests. Competitions need to grow stronger in order to attract the highest number of fans and supporters.”

“FC Barcelona is the club that generates the most income in the world and all that money comes from the sports industry.”

“This institution will continue to be the property of all the partners, as long as it stays away from the political and economic powers that be in this country.”

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