Basile blames FIFA former president for Maradona’s doping

Just a few weeks ago, former manager Alfio Basile took us down memory lane to the time when Diego Maradona was expelled from the World Cup.

Back when Diego Maradona was entering his veteran years, the Argentina legend was called by manager Alfio Basile to play one last World Cup.

Diego wasn’t exactly going through the best moment of his career, he had already made his addictions public to the people.

Maradona was struggling with the inability to drop any type of vice that he had unless he had the motivation to play football.

The was no better rehab than the wish of getting ready for another World Cup, it took Maradona half a year to get fully fit for this new challenge and he made it in time.

By the time the tournament was about to happen, Argentine had one of the strongest national teams in the competition if they included Diego Maradona.

FIFA made their dislike for Maradona very public as well, they believed he set a terrible example for children due to his lavish lifestyle.

The president at the time was Brazilian Joao Havelange, one of the ultimate FIFA mobsters from the era.

He was about to finish his long reign and he wanted his country to win the competition, but Maradona’s Argentina was in the way.

Manager Alfio Basile is convinced to this day that his squad was robbed, he believes that the punishment against Maradona was excessive.

How the whole situation unfolded.

Alfio Basile visited a local TV program from TyC Sports, he was asked about his own experience when Diego Maradona was expelled from the FIFA World Cup.

The star received a drug test after the match against Nigeria, Diego had been playing at the top of his game and he offered an incredible performance during the first match against Greece.

But something went terribly wrong after the match vs Nigeria, Basile told the details about the whole drama.

“Havelange screwed us. We had already done a surprise anti-doping test to all the players and everything was okay, all the players were clean,” said ‘Coco’ on TyC Sports.

“There were doubts about Brazil because they hadn’t lifted the trophy since 1970. This was the last chance for them to win something with Havelange as the FIFA president.”

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“Everybody thought the final was going to be a match between Brazil and Argentina.”

“When Julio Grondona told me that Maradona was expelled from the World Cup and he couldn’t even talk to any of us, I wanted to shoot myself in the balls.”

“He was our absolute best player during that tournament and that wasn’t all. On that day, Caniggia suffered a muscle tear that also affected us. We were doomed after that.”

“They cut off my legs.”

The aftermath of Diego Maradona’s positive drug test was quite dramatic, the Argentina legend came out to speak to the press and blame FIFA for everything.

However, nobody believed anything he said due to his reputation. Maradona had terrible fame due to his lifestyle and nobody ever thought he wasn’t guilty of what he did, people even believed his positive test was for cocaine.

The truth is that the substance that appeared on Diego’s blood was ephedrine, which is still illegal to this day but it’s nowhere near what some media outlets were reporting.

These revelations from Alfio Basile come after both Havelange and Julio Grondona have passed away, these two figures were powerful people who controlled football back in the day.

Saying anything against them when they were still alive could mean career suicide for anybody who wanted to remain relevant in the industry.

Diego Maradona remains a cautionary tale about the consequences that can come when a player goes against the system.

The Argentina legend was one of the most vocal justice warriors against FIFA, this is something that eventually backfired during the 1994 World Cup.

What do you think about Alfio Basile’s controversial statements about the former FIFA president and Diego Maradona? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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