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Basile is tired of being the last champion with Argentina


During an interview with Diario Ole, Alfio Basile confessed he doesn’t like being the last manager who took Argentina to a championship.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 16 years already since the Argentina National Team won a championship, Alfio Basile was the last manager to help the squad lift a trophy.

In fact, the former Argentina manager is one of the most successful coaches in the modern era of the national team.

When he took control of the squad first, ‘Coco’ took the squad all the way to the Copa America championship twice in a row.

The first time was in the 1991 edition, they finished above Brazil in the final round before the format was modified.

The new format which still remains to this day, saw Argentina defeat Mexico in the 1993 edition and leaving ‘Coco’ Basile as the last manager who took his country to a championship.

But the manager is tired of that recognition, he desperately wants Argentina to win another trophy again and he thinks this could be a great opportunity.

The Copa America will be celebrated in Brazil this summer.

The competition is set to start next weekend with Argentina facing Colombia in the first game of the competition for the ‘Albiceleste’.

‘Coco’ is convinced that Lionel Messi is still the best option they have to win the competition.

Basile doesn’t see the squad having any chance to compete without the Barcelona star on their side.

Basile already coached Messi as well.

There is actually a record of Alfio Basile having the privilege of coaching Lionel Messi in one of his first major tournaments as a professional.

Leo played his first competition during the FIFA World Cup in 2006. But ‘Coco’ was the one who gave Messi his major break as an essential part of the squad a year later in the 2007 Copa America.

That tournament in Venezuela marked the first great overall performance that Lionel Messi offered in any major competitions for his country.

Alfio Basile is one of the first managers who could take the best out of the Barcelona star. Leo even confessed that ‘Coco’ was the one who taught him how to take the free-kicks more accurately.

Basile will never forget that era in which he could coach one of the best players in football history, he also coached Diego Maradona during his first term with the national team.

This is an honor that no other manager had in football history, only Alfio Basile.

With this impressive resume, ‘Coco’ is one of the most authorized voices who can talk about Argentina in the upcoming Copa America.


“I’m tired of being the last manager who won a trophy for Argentina. People keep congratulating me on the streets, they still value that achievement,” said ‘Coco’ on Diario Ole.

“Imagine when I won the 1991 edition for the first time, I ended a 32-year drought without Argentina winning the Copa America.”

“We hadn’t won the tournament since 1959 before that! I wish this group can win the tournament in Brazil this summer.”

“I actually went to the last one in the United States and I suffered too much during the penalty shootout.”

“I watched the final surrounded by people from Argentina and Chile who kept asking me for autographs, losing that final for the second straight year was hard.”

“Argentina is always Argentina, but we have to see if the manager can get what he wants when he puts the squad together.”

“Maybe I will travel to Brazil after the group stage, but not before that. I will see how the squad plays in the first games, and then I will see if I travel to Brazil.”

“Messi is a monster among monsters. He is a phenomenon. If Barcelona got to the Champions League semifinals, it was only because of what he did.”

“I believe he has to play without restrictions on the pitch, anywhere he feels he can play better.”

“But for me, playing as a right wing is where he plays his best game. But that is something he needs to decide during matches,” he concluded.

How far will Argentina get in the Copa America this summer? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.