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Bayer Leverkusen will sell Kai Havertz on their terms

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Rudi Voller sent a direct message to admirers of Kai Havertz that the German prodigy will only leave if Leverkusen’s demands are met. 

Bayern Munich will not sign him this year but the interest in Havertz is strong. Chelsea want him. Real Madrid are interested. Manchester United are also keeping tabs on him. 

However, any interested parties will have to dig deep into their pockets and splurge on Bayer Leverkusen’s demands. The Bundesliga outfit know they have a generational player on their hands and will milk potential buyers for every penny. 

Bayer Leverkusen Sporting Director, Rudi Voller, came out in the open to discuss their third captain’s future. 

Voller admitted that interest is high in Havertz, especially from Chelsea. But Die Werkself will only allow him to leave if their demands are met.

“We know of the interest of a couple of clubs, especially Chelsea, but for us, the situation is quite simple” Manchester Evening News reported Voller.

“He has a two-year contract, if anyone wants him on our terms, fine, otherwise he stays here another year and we are happy.”

“It won’t be easy, but for a player like him there is no Covid discount.”

Despite speculation about his future, Havertz has continued to perform for Bayer. He got on the board in their lost battle against Inter Milan.