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Beckham interview – Ferguson was his go-to guy for Miami advice

Sir Alex Ferguson, David Beckham
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David Beckham admits the person he relied upon most for advice on his Inter Miami project was Sir Alex Ferguson.

David Beckham has embarked on a journey of building a football club from the ground up.

When he was asked about who he went to for advice, there was just one person.

The man he described as the most successful manager of all time. A man he looks up to as a father figure.

Sir Alex Ferguson!

Beckham insists he was the only one he needed to talk too. Ferguson’s experience helped him cover all the bases.

Beckham has a wealth of experience himself. He traveled the globe and represented some of the biggest clubs in the world.

He probably has a little black book of names and contacts in the footballing world that would read like royalty.

However, when you can call on someone like Sir Alex Ferguson. This is the man who built the modern-day Manchester United. Beckham knew he didn’t need anyone else.