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Beckie is excited about the Women’s International Champions Cup

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According to Manchester City and Canada forward, Janine Beckie, the international tournament will give the women’s game a boost.

Starting this year, the International Champions Cup will also be played with female teams.

The ICC has given fans all over the world a chance to see their favorite European and American teams play at their own homes.

And now, the women’s game will have the same chance, something to be excited for according to Manchester City and Canada forward Janine Beckie.

“We’re excited to be here,” she told the club’s official website.

“Being around teams and players of high caliber, and to have so many World Cup players in one place, is great. It doesn’t happen very often.”

“To see the hype around the game and to have so many of the players here in one place, getting the US fans familiar with the European game, is really cool,” Beckie added.

“The European teams and the US teams have different styles – athleticism is a massive part of the game in the US and that’s how the game has been played for a long time, while European teams bring a real love of playing the game, keeping the ball moving and dictating the tempo.”

The attacker concluded: “We see a lot more teams playing football (passing the ball around) here now. When the two styles clash, it either makes for a one-way game or a competitive game and I think it will be the latter.”

“The Women’s International Champions Cup is a unique tournament and a great opportunity for the fans to see a unique style.”