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Begovic: Goalkeepers’ roles have changed

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Bournemouth goalkeeper Asmir Begovic believes the game has evolved in terms of the way goalkeepers play.

Begovic started his career at Portsmouth and has also played for Stoke City and Chelsea.

He is now the number one keeper at Bournemouth and has enjoyed a terrific start to the Premier League season.

Begovic spoke to Sky Sports and reflected on how his role as a goalkeeper has changed.

“People expect you to be a more complete goalkeeper now. When I first came to England it was about shot-stopping and a little bit about distribution, maybe more [kicking it] long,” Begovic said.

“Now every single part of your game is important; stop-stopping, cross-taking – high and low, and of course distribution as well, starting attacks.

“Everything is so important to how fast the game is being played. The goalkeeper’s game has changed completely in the years I have been here.

“A lot of the goalkeepers are a lot more skilful now. You have to really manage the risk. People label long ball as a long pass, but everyone has their own style. That’s what makes it beautiful.”