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Belgium qualify for the Euro 2020 in San Marino 9-0 thrashing

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The Belgians put up the pedal to the metal for the Euro qualifiers match against San Marino.

Even though the San Marino clash at home was marked as a surefire three points, Belgians took no chances.

Eden Hazard led his national team to a convincing 9-0 over powerless San Marino.

However, it didn’t look like that in the beginning. San Marino held out for the first 28 minutes, which is an impressive feat nevertheless.

After Romelu Lukaku opened the scoring in the 28th minute, San Marino gates flooded, as they conceded six goals before the half-time.

Chadli, Alderweireld, Tielemans, and Lukaku again put their names on the scoresheet. Hazard handed out two assists before being substituted in the 63rd minute.

San Marino recollected themselves, as they came in strong to the second half, holding out until 79th minute when the substitution Christian Benteke made it 7-0.

A penalty from Verschaeren and 90th-minute goal of Castagne finished the match at 9-0.

This match also saw Belgium officially qualify for the Euro 2020.

Given the turn of events in the first-half, San Marino will be happy with the final score.

Also, this match saw an almost unrealistic ratio of 43 Belgian shots on San Marino’s goal, while the guests had none. Belgium also took 17 corners in the match.

The Belgians are sitting at the top of the table, three points ahead of Russia, who also won their Scotland clash.

San Marino is still looking for their first goal, as their goal-difference stands at -37.