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Bellamy thinks that sacking Pulis was crazy

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Craig Bellamy couldn’t believe his eyes when West Bromwich Albion decided to sack Tony Pulis – the former Wales international believes that it’s a “crazy” decision as Pulis is known as an expert on avoiding the relegation.

West Brom sacked Pulis on Monday morning after a poor run of recent results that has seen the Baggies win just twice in their 21 Premier League games, with the last appearing coming on August 19. With the club’s owners in attendance, that run continued on Saturday afternoon with the 4-0 loss at the hands of Antonio Conte’s Chelsea, but Bellamy felt the decision to sack Pulis was premature, according to Sky Sports.

The former Liverpool striker shared his thoughts on this unexpected situation as he said: “It hasn’t gone well for him over the last couple of months, but where they are at the present moment, it looks like they are in a relegation dogfight. Who’s the best man to get them out it? It’s Tony Pulis. Who are you going to get in now to get you out of this position? There’s other clubs now who are going to be in this position; Tony Pulis becomes available and he’s the type of guy you are going to want to bring in.”

He thinks that the expectations of West Brom on Pulis were unrealistic: “They’ve just got to be careful. West Brom being in the Premier League, brilliant. What are they going to do? Are they looking to get into the Champions League, into Europe? I know fans with say they aren’t looking at that, but you’ve got to be careful.”

Bellamy warns West Brom fans to stay humble: “I’ve seen it too many times over the last 15 years – supporters suddenly become restless and they want more. I don’t mean Champions League or European football, but they just want more than what they are getting at the present moment – they get bored of the Premier League.”