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Benatia: Cristiano Ronaldo is unbelievable, not a normal person

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Benatia was convinced Cristiano Ronaldo was not a ‘normal’ person after recalling what the Portuguese did at 11 pm, while they were still teammates.

Ronaldo and Benatia might have only been teammates for one season, but that time was enough for the Morroco international to decide the Portuguese was simply unbelievable.

Ronaldo is well famous for his hard-work and extra effort put into athleticism.

The 35-year-old has often based most of his success on hard-work and consistency, with only a few players able to come close to the Juventus star in that regard.

Of course, every footballer has to train frequently and the normal time expected is usually during the day for club training and gym sessions as well.

But for players like Ronaldo, hard-work never stops and Benatia recollects what his former teammate once told him at 11 pm.

Benatia now plays for Qatar club Al-Duhail, but spent the 2018/19 season alongside Ronaldo in Turin.

The centre-back recalls a time when he and the Portugal international were alongside each other on the substitutes’ bench.

“For the game against Atalanta we were the two unused substitutes because three days later we were going to play again and the coach wanted to make rotations,” Benatia told RMC, as quoted by Sportal.

“When we were on the bus back, Cristiano Ronaldo sent me a message: ‘What are you going to do now?’ I told him: ‘It’s 11 pm, I’m going home. Why?”

Benatia continued to say that Ronaldo then said he was going to the gym to exercise.

“At that moment I realized that Cristiano is not a normal person,” the Moroccan continued. “When you work with him, you respect him more because you see that he sacrificed his whole life for football.”

In that fixture, Ronaldo came on for Juve in the 65th minute and scored in 1 2-2 draw for his side.

Benatia further revealed that the Portuguese’ reason for training was because he didn’t break a sweat at all.

Ronaldo is simply unbelievable and we can admit he isn’t ‘normal’ and out of this world.