He won the European club championship for the first time 14 years ago with Liverpool, now he plans to win it again before thinking on retiring.

In the 2004-2005 season, Spanish coach Rafael Benitez led Liverpool to win the UEFA Champions League.

He repeated the feat in 2012-2013 with Chelsea, but he hasn’t won a big trophy since then.

Now at 59-years-old, he’s desperate to win another international title.

“Yesterday I was talking with a friend – 11 years. Eleven years as a manager, that’s fine. You can see Roy Hodgson is still there,” Benitez told Football 365.

“I like to manage teams, I like to coach players, so I’m happy with that. Always I say, we are forward-thinking. My staff, they are young people and we are always thinking about how to improve things.”

“Yesterday, we had a meeting and we were talking about cameras for the training ground, to record from different points and then have the possibility to watch from different angles, things like that, so we are always trying to use the technology, we are trying to be up-to-date, all these things,” he added.

“I like to – and I want to – compete for trophies and the best trophy is the Champions League, so I would like to have the possibility in the next 11 years to win the Champions League.”

Bernardo Silva, Manchester City, Premier League

BREAKING: Bernardo Silva fined for racism by the FA

Manchester City's ace, Bernardo Silva, was condemned for his racial tweet sent out to his friend and team-mate, Benjamin Mendy.

The manager and Newcastle United are currently in the 15th position of the English Premier League table with 38 points.

They have only won ten times, drawing in eight occasions, and losing 16 times.

The team is seven points clear of the relegation zone with four games left: against Southampton, Brighton and Hove Albion, Liverpool, and Fulham.


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