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Bent: Give Mourinho a round of applause

Jose Mourinho
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Jose Mourinho took the reigns of Tottenham in November, taking from mid-table obscurity to top-six finish in the Premier League.

Spurs were floundering in Mauricio Pochettino’s final months in North London. They were miserable on the road and their home record was nothing to write home about.

The Argentine was quietly shown the door and the Special One ushered in to replace him. Fans were dejected at losing Pochettino but pleased with the serial winner’s arrival. 

Mourinho has taken some time but delivered short-term objectives. Tottenham remain part of the top-six and play Europa League next season

This might be the Portuguese’s worst domestic result but he was pleased with the outcome. Darren Bent agrees with his sentiments and hailed Mourinho’s impressive turnaround at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

“For them to finish sixth this year, what an achievement that is. They were way out of the race and to come back into it, Mourinho’s got to take a lot of credit,” Bent told Football Insider.

“He knows full well they need to do better next season and so he’ll have his eye on who he wants and the players he wants but first and foremost we’ve got to give him a round of applause and say job well done.”

“The staggering stat that no manager had won more games than Mourinho, other than Klopp and Guardiola since he took the job, that is an unbelievable stat – whatever football he’s playing, it’s clearly working.”