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Berbatov: Sancho would be an amazing signing

Jadon Sancho, Jude Bellingham
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Dimitar Berbatov won the Premier League twice with Manchester United and has high hopes from the Red Devils current side.

Ed Woordward has promised Jadon Sancho to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. That promise has the rumor mill going crazy with updates gracing frontpages. 

Even past players have become sold on the idea. Dimitar Berbatov believed that Sancho would be a needless addition but has had a change of heart.

The Bulgarian believes Sancho would be a great addition and give Solskjaer a welcome slection headache.

“Jadon Sancho would be an amazing signing for any team, United included. It becomes a luxury problem to have so many attacking options, but it brings hard decisions. Someone has to be benched, and Ole will have to deliver that news to someone,” Mirror quoted Berbatov.

“Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford are well established in world football, and Greenwood now deserves his chance to continue his progression, and I don’t want to see him stalled.

Berbatov believes United should not have any issue paying over the odds for Sancho. The retired prolific forward added the Rashford would gain the most from the BVB man’s addition.

“We know United can afford to pay for Sancho, and if it happens, the club will be happy, but it will also be tricky. Over £100m is a lot of money, especially now in the current situation, but I’m sure he will be worth it.

“Everyone at United will be watching this transfer. Rashford will know Sancho better than most from playing for England, and they will welcome the competition, but the attacking players will have doubts in their mind now.”