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Bergkamp confesses is painful to watch Arsenal play

Dennis Bergkamp, Arsenal, Premier League
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According to the Gunners legend, Dennis Bergkamp, his great side cannot be compared to the current English Premier League side.

Last season, Arsenal finished in the fifth position of the English Premier League season with only 70 points after 38 matches.

And in the current campaign, the team is positioned in the third position with 15 points in eight games.

But according to Gunners legend Dennis Bergkamp, it’s is a pain to watch them play.

“It’s different of course to what I was used to, with English players and a few foreign, now it’s moved the other way,” Bergkamp was quoted by Metro.

“Sometimes it’s good but a lot of times you don’t really feel that it’s Arsenal as we know it. You know, with the passion and a few players that make a difference.”

“It’s difficult to say whether it is better or worse but better is always shown in trophies, which aren’t there at the moment,” he added.

“On the one hand, there are so many clubs who improved so quickly to a high level, whereas Arsenal, may be improved, but not to that level.”

He explained: “It’s hard, it’s difficult and it hurts sometimes.”

“You feel sometimes that Arsenal should do better but I’m still hoping.”